Salvia Toby Trip MDD STILL.png

 I’ve never done Salvia. I’ve just spoken to a number of people who have and it fascinates me. It sounds like a portal to god. I mean, by the time you hear someone really take you through their albeit strangely short fifteen minute trip, it’s weirdly deep stuff. The spookiest part of it is that they all describe coming to the same place. They all end up seeing the same end point at the bottom of the rabbit hole. It actually doesn’t make me want to take it. I just thinks it’s really really cool conceptually.

I mean, if there is some substance that can detach us - our spirits - from our bodies, and we - our spiritual selves or consciousness - connect back to “the source” of everything… that’s a worthy observation. Dontcha think? The artists that depict these trips are so incredible in their representing elementary aspects of the Salvia trip. You feel like you get quantized… broken into particles… and pulled towards a source energy? That strangely remind me of particle physics. Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime throws a ton of stuff in a sink and says, could these things be talking about the same shit? I have no idea. I really am just an artist and have no real practical expertise in anything but being creative. That being said, it does strike me a highly highly interesting that all these different communities of experts seems to be after the same thing, just in different ways.

Toby Sits with Salvia MDD STILL.png