The famous quotes of Quantum Mechanics may take a second to really sink into your mind if you’re hearing them for the first time, but give it a second. Really consider the ramifications of something like:

Toby’s chalkboard Quantum Physic’s lesson.

Toby’s chalkboard Quantum Physic’s lesson.

The outcome of the experiment is effected by your observation of it. Go ahead, read that again… you might need to.

This was one of the first discoveries of particle physics experiments. That when scientist ran an an experiment, the outcome differed IF they themselves where actually observing the experiment. The future, literally, seemed to effect the past. How? This obviously flied in the face of all logic as you know it.

It turns out, the notion that time moves at all, is an illusion of our consciousness. There is quite literally no past and no future, for instance. Just NOW. Think of your mind and what your experiencing this second as you read this as a single frame on a long reel of a classic film. You experience that you'‘re floating along into the future at a constant pace, but with that metaphor you might also gleam that the film reel has your past, your future and your now all up in its physical celluloid, at the same TIME. SPACETIME is that. Matter, that you seem to be passing through and experiencing one frame at a time, if you will. This obviously get’s deterministic very quickly…

Physic’s themselves famously say about Quantum Mechanics, “if you think you understand it… you don’t”, because the theory flies in the face of our logical minds every step of the way. Time and time again, over the past hundred years, theorist proposed concepts that were illogical, but based on real mathematic calculations. It often took the experimental community decades to develop the technology to test those theories, yet EVERY single time they did… the theory was ALWAYS right. The accuracy is astounding.