What is Supersymmetry?

Did you know the odds on us existing at all are about the likely hood that you can spin your pencil on it’s head… for a billion years? Probability is at the heart of Quantum Mechanics and thus, a lot of the weirdest, most mind bending notions of the science take us into a philosophical zone very quickly.

Toby touches the hand of God.

Toby touches the hand of God.

Consider, 0n one hand, physicist have discovered that the fundamental particles pop in and out of existence, or our dimension, in pairs, and that mass (or information) cannot be created or destroyed. That this universe, that we’re currently residents in, or a product of, seems to have this symmetric balance to it in its mechanism, on a super granule level. Yet, oddly enough… this domino effect of particles has an imperfect chain. You see if the pairs thing is true, then we wouldn’t be here at all. The only way for us to exist in the first place is that at one time or another one particle broke that chain, and set the whole domino into an odd numbered ratio of stuff. They call that a symmetry breaking event… Think of it as a lop sided walk. If suddenly one of your legs was shorter than the other, you’d spin off into an infinite curl of possible distant locations or outcomes, no longer a straight balanced line of definite trajectory. Where’s that take your mind now? Into loops, right? Feedback loops ring a bell?

Supersymmetry theory walks us right up to the face of god. Well who broke the chain? And if this universe and all of its laws are so beautifully in balance and impossibly well designed as to create life and outcome, must it thus have come from some grand designer? There’s a strange contradiction and paradox at the heart of everything here. And its curiosity about it that fuels the fire of millions of scientist on their collective quest to explain, or just get closes to whatever might be out there, or even inside ourselves, that explains where it all came from.

Physicist call this the “intelligent design” theory. As you get deeper into the fundamental pieces of our universe, it all seems to harmonize so remarkably, that it just can’t seem to be random.