We Believe

Strangely enough… if you let go of any one religion and step all the way back… one of the most fundamental observations we CAN make about mankind is that we naturally want to believe in something else out there beyond ourselves. A higher power, a source, a god, whatever. 98% of everyone living today and throughout human history feels that there is something supreme out there. So much so that scientist simply think that’s a biological consequence that comes with being human. Is it?

Kara prays.

Kara prays.

What is consciousness exactly and how does that really separate us from anything else? That rock for instance… is that thing thinking? Clearly not like us, you might say. So does that help define what we are? The fact that we can think, the fact that I can sit here and type this and you can read it and understand what I mean… precisely what I mean too. This is clearly something special… or is it?

What if we were just like radios, and we were actually just tuned to receive a consciousness from somewhere else entirely. Another dimension? And that signal, or whatever you want to call it - spirit, soul… etc. - is large… like actually really large… maybe it’s EVERYTHING. If the scientist are right, and we are all just various vibrations of energy

You can see how this crosses over pretty naturally to science and physics once you take the logic to dark matter and dark energy… and forces we just don’t have any clue what to make of still. How little we actually know about our universe…