Based on real science, Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime is a wild, ridiculous ride into the illogic of Quantum Mechanics and religion, and how the two may just now be seeing eye-to-eye. A quirky "Physics for Dummies," with real lessons along the way, the story starts with the recent and very real discovery by CERN of what's known as "The God Particle" - the missing link in the standard model of Quantum Mechanics.

The greatest challenge in science today is the physics of Einstein - the large bodies in our solar system - does not connect to the physics of the small, particle physics, ultimately leaving a giant gap in our understanding of the Universe. Thus, scientists for the past 100 years have desperately sought "The Theory of Everything," the one equation to link the two diametrically opposed understandings of how reality works.

The God Particle was widely considered the missing clue. When it was discovered by CERN millions of scientist around the world launched new theoretical calculations hoping to be the next Einstein. At the heart of this story and the science is our perception of time, the illusion of reality, and the very illogical notion that future effects the past.


“God does not play dice!”

- Einstein regarding Quantum Mechanics