Organized Religion

Catholicism… It’s an easy target today, I’ll admit. But in all fairness, the Church has done a lot of good in the two thousand years since Jesus walked the earth.

Kara’s an ex-Catholic finding her way back to herself.

Kara’s an ex-Catholic finding her way back to herself.

And… at the same time, organized religion has had some set backs. What’s up? Why do prophets messages sometimes get so complicated? Or should I say corrupted? Why do religions have to compete for our souls? Go to war even? Why all the bother? Is one right, and another really wrong? Who’s to say? Who gets to judge? When? What are religions really selling exactly? Everlasting life? Peace on earth?

What started out as a moral code of conduct for humanity to get along better has lead to power systems that have carved the human race into spheres of influences, tribes, with complex conflicts that influence billions of people world-wide - transcending the boundaries of every country on Earth. Many believers don’t even know the history of their own faith, the origins of it’s doctrine, and inspirations even. They were born into a subscription of beliefs they didn’t even buy more over and never thought to or had the opportunity to investigate or challenge the establishment enough to get their own understanding of it. It’s hard to break out of the world you grew up in. It can be expensive even. Educational institutions offer a way to step back and ask critical questions in a fair and unbiased way.

And if you can, you might just end up seeing more of the beauty behind the religion you love, more of the true essence of it, the original intent and message before a system designed more by political power grabs and historic conflict took a profit’s story and message and turned it into their own tool for world domination.