What’s a multi-verse?

You probably have a radio in your car and tune it to your favorite station every day. Now you like that station very much, and you know you can’t hear the other radio stations, the music you don’t necessary like, but you know they’re all there simultaneously - IF you wanted to change the channel, you’d find them. It’s simply a matter of tuning your radio to a different frequency. Simple enough.

Multi-verse MDD STILL.png

What if you could tune your body to a different universe - like a radio station. And on THAT universe - which would be just operating at a different frequency (or energy level) you’d experience an entirely different life. Your life… but with different probabilistic outcomes. In one dimension, you took a left at that stop sign, in the other… you took a right? And off you go. The implications would be… well… mind-boggling.

Multi-verse theory takes us into the infinite possibilities of our destiny so much so that it leaves one thinking, is there a point to any of this at all? It’s both theoretical and philosophically unnerving to consider because it makes us feel like there is no god, there is no reason for anything, if EVERYTHING is possible and could be actually happening in a different dimension. Yet, you’re in this one. Reading this, so there’s something paradoxical about your consciousness overlapping here with mine and that can provide us some hope.

Two-Earths MDD STILL.png

Multi-verse theory can swing the other way too. If we consider multiple universes existing literally beyond our own on the grand scale, like further out than light reaches, we imagine it like a bubble bath… Each bubble of foam is a universe and there are millions or billions of them… thus an unimaginable scale. Strangely, they could each even have their own laws of physics… Why go there? Kind of leaves us feeling so small, it’s a conundrum because at the same time, you have to marvel at how special man-kind is to even be able to imagine such a concept. How special are we as a species that we’re able to even gleam this kind of understanding of the universe we’re in?