What if whatever you came up with as you tossed a pair of dice at your desk right where you’re sitting would also come up on another pair of dice thousands of miles away on the moon, at the exact same time? Spooky? So, distance has no meaning what - so - ever… Physicist would say - the dice are ENTANGLED.


Einstein said it was impossible but he and his colleagues couldn’t get away from the math. He famously called the theory “spooky action at a distance”. The very idea of many Quantum Mechanics theories plagued Einstein until he died. He famously said, "God does not play dice!”

Once you’re over the concept that particles entangle, mirror each other over any distance imaginable, then you might start to realize the implications of the theory… The imaginations in our sci-fi community have come up with fantastic applications… like the teleportation in Star Trek, or maybe you remember Quantum Leap?

Regardless, today, scientist and their governments around the world are investing in quantum computing, where the computers of the future won’t need wires to send information across the world, or even space…

The founders of Quantum Mechanics,  Max Plank ,  Niels Bohr , and  James Clerk Maxwell  take on  Einstein .

The founders of Quantum Mechanics, Max Plank, Niels Bohr, and James Clerk Maxwell take on Einstein.