Over medicated

Today’s youth is over-medicated. They’re constantly in altered states of consciousness and have been prescribed as such by real doctors.

What’s the point of being alive if you’re not going to live life to the fullest? People take life too seriously. It’s a pretty comic affair for the most part. Life is short. We struggle. We die. So… where does that ultimately leave us? A few things:

Do not hurt anyone else in the process of your learning who you are. This is fundamental. If you cause other people pain, you are ultimately causing yourself pain too. It only comes around.

Kara Drunk MDD STILL.png

Be your own best friend. This is really quite important. We’re often very hard on number one. We’re self aggressive, and that turns into abusive everyone else sometimes too. Take it easy on yourself first and foremost.

Health matter. What you eat is what you are. If you don’t exercise, you’re going to die. And remember people do stuff that’s bad for them all the time… these things should be avoided and are usually not that difficult to stop.

Toby Drunk MDD STILL.png

Now that that’s laid out, since life can be so short, we should really experience it to the fullest, and they’re plenty of room to do that without hurting yourself or others. The key? Everything in moderation. The middle road. Not too much work… not too much play… not too much of that substance over there… and not too much of that person over there… Try to be okay being alone and you’ll be a better person to be around.

Now go have fun. Ask deep questions along the way. Get curious about what it means to be alive. And be helpful.