We live in very interesting times for this drug of choice for millions. The legalization of marijuana is a fascinating transition and brings out the funniest sides of our cultural differences. I find this to be not only one of the most harmless substances that people play around with usually, but that it can actually be pretty helpful for some people who just need to chill the fuck out. We live in a stressful world. As opposed to alcohol, which I usually find to me a catalyst for trouble, this one, tends to have the opposite effect. When was the list time you heard of stoned people getting into a brawl at a bar? It just doesn’t happen.

Did you know that while there are plenty of 420 references in Manifest Destiny Down, and it’s really made for the stoner community, that pot really doesn't make an appearance in the story at all. In fact, the main characters would probably do better, if they got high. Yet, there in lies the irony and message. Every now and them, the best thing might just be to kick back - light a J - and say “fuck it.” I find it’s often the desire to keep moving, when you should really stand still and do nothing, that’s at the heart of a lot of people suffering.