We unfortunately live in the middle of a war on facts. The technologies we love, that have made our lives better, have simultaneously also created a world wide purge of the confusions and issues that have been with civilization forever. Racism, ignorance, hate, corruption; these are problems that go back to the beginning of recorded history. The pace of communication and the size of community talking is what’s different today. It’s worldwide, and it’s fast. What’s at stake is like nothing mankind has every been faced with, the planet. We’re in a race with ourselves, to better understand the delicate balance of our relationship with nature before she takes us down.

Newscaster Toby.

Newscaster Toby.

Media has been a real problem. The 24 hour news cycle has turned into opinion more than fact based ethically governed good journalism. The stratification of information sources and the divesting of institutions of knowledge has corrupted the discussion and lead to warring factions of super charged disrespectful and generally immature talking heads. It’s actually embarrassing and the worst of it can be predatory, feeding on people’s fears, just to get ratings, or power.

The obstacles holding us back generally speaking are that humans, unlike AI, are alive - we’re emotional. We aren’t really trained growing up to handle our emotions responsibly. To be alive, is to have feelings which are helpful to strategize what to do with our circumstances up to a certain point. Life is stressful, and we suffer, and we figure out ways to get more joy and happiness. The truth is that life is always fluctuating like a wave somewhere between these two: happiness and unhappiness. And usually when we get something that makes us happy, that feeling is feating. Within minutes, we’re usually on to the next goal. So, ironically, the pursuit of happiness leads to conflict between people, societies, and country. Just the goal of consuming, and wanting more, is at the heart of our economics, our societies, our entire global consciousness. We’re like a weed, slowly eating our planet, or a virus, that’s about to consume its host.

Art has a special place in our society… because it currency is emotion. It transfers feelings between us and ideally a message along the way, that helps us understand each other better. What’s important in this is that we learn to see where the other person is coming from, to value their perspective, because it is unique and quite literally in a different… SPACETIME. The concept of us all being one collective organism - quite literally - like a tree - with many leaves - can help. Can you image a tree branch reaching over and cutting down it’s own limb? Collaboration, communication, respect, love for fellow man, and altruism itself is a natural trait of human kind. Humane - to care for something else beyond oneself - is what makes us human. So this potential is very powerful. It’s the destiny of our race to overcome these growing pains of progress and act responsibly with our truly unique place in the universe.

The ethics of the media community at large needs to be revitalized. The ignorances in our communities are understandable given the lack of good education, and people get stuck, thinking in a bifurcated manor because the struggle between ups and downs is real, life is difficult and we turn against ourselves and each other… literally, all the time. Emotions are like that if they’re let to run the show. But, there is hope, that if we can share information opening, if we can communicate more effectively, can respect each other, and LOVE each other for our differences and uniqueness, we actually complement each other, and better control our worst tendencies - that come from fear of survival most of the time.

Society is collaboration. I don’t have to be a doctor… thankfully someone else took that all the way. I don’t have to be a physicist, I could never do that math. Thankfully someone else took that all the way. And they continue to every day. Each of us just took a different path in our lives. We all stand on the backs of generations of giants in science, philosophy, and religion, to get us to where we are today.

Mankind is awesome. The UNIVERSE is A W E S O M E. What are you going to do with where you find yourself is the question.