Do not interfere.


We live in a world of conflict and external challenges. Every day you face obstacles about money, where’s it coming from, is there enough? Family and friends not getting along, colleagues at war over climbing the corporate ladder, pretty much a daily shit show. Where’s the peace and your true happiness?

Ambition is a killer. Our drive to achieve some higher purpose, while well intended at first usually, turns into a narcissistic orgy of insecurities on a global level with the internet as the interface. Social media and its influence and consequences on our health is just starting to be realized. And while there are such incredible benefits to global information sharing, the dangers are real, and serious, especially for our youth.

Our journey has always been the same. To find piece within, rather than without. Enlightenment is a term that has a LONG history, and some might respond with an attitude or judge, but it doesn’t need to be negatively charged. The most profound observation that comes back again and again in history is this:

Your mind is not you. Your thoughts are not you. Your inner voice is not you.

Your brain is an organ that generates that voice. You know the one. Like your heart, it’s designed to run automatically. Its entire purpose biologically speaking is to strategize. To do so, we as humans, have a particularly rare ability in the animal kingdom, to remember the past, and imagine the future - to better help us organize into teams, tribes, countries, companies - to survive and improve our conditions. That mental voice, can be helpful. We live in paradise compared to generations of the past. But it can also be harmful. We don’t realize how lucky we are to be alive today!

Most people are confused about their inner voice… it’s control over their health, their sense of self is total and indistinguishable from that voice. The first and most important realization of your life may just be that you can observe your mind thinking. Take a second, and reroute that thought to something a bit more positive, or even try to slow it down, and maybe even pause. Now, I’m gonna be straight, this is not easy. Meditation is and can be frustrating, so don’t worry too much about what happens next. Just start by the simple observation of the hamster wheel inside your head, and see where that leads you. You might just take it easy on yourself when you realize your brains working overtime. Step off the hamster wheel. You can do it.