We all live in the Dark.

A major inspiration for this movie was learning about Dark Matter and Dark Energy. The fact that we don’t even know what 95% of the universe we are in is made up of should make you pause. Just take that in for a second if this is the first time you’re being told that.

27% of the universe is Dark Matter. Is doesn’t interact with light. We can only know it’s there because of it’s gravitational effect on other things around it. It is NOT made of anything - any normal matter - we see or interact with on a regular day to day basis.

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 2.22.46 PM.png

Dark Energy on the other hand, make us the rest of Universe - roughly 68%, and we have no F-ing clue what to make of that either. It’s just what keeps the universe expanding at an increasing rate!… Take that in for a minute. We’re basically on a swirling pin-ball machine that’s only getting bigger and bigger at (and here’s the kicker) a faster and faster rate….? How’s that possible. You’d think if anything we’d be slowing down. You know, like normal physics. Toss a ball up in the air.. and it slows down… and comes back… No, this ball is speeding up.

Ultimately, this just takes us all the way out to the end of existence as our minds know it. It either ends in a poof… where all energy has expanded and cooled to ultimately zero… or something think the entire thing is elastic and the universe might actually reverse it’s expansion at some point and come back in on itself into a giant SQUISH. The reversing the big-bang.

There’s a lot to think about there.