This is one of my favorites… We’re all familiar with chaos… you probably feel like you’re surrounded by it. And yet, the world and what you’ve made of it are in a way… highly organized.

Chaos theory is about the remarkably strange observation that despite the law of entropy - where things start ordered and must head towards disorder (think of breaking a wine-glass) - despite that progression from order to chaos being everywhere… we - meaning you and I - are super complicated!

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 2.24.19 PM.png

How exactly did it happen? How did nature really get going and generate truly unimaginably complex organisms and patterns everywhere we turn - to make life possible - literally! You, for instance, are a system of highly organized cells, trillons of them, all operating in synchronicity to well, be you. On some level, you’re a machine… you move, you feel, you age, you think… What is that exactly? How does that happen? There is this fascinating paradox going on here. Life quite literally is the opposite of entropy. We’re a vortex of anti-entropy… Extroardinarily biologically organized, our very essence to governed by instincts to continue it/us and our collective consciousness. Society is literally the gradual stacking of that progress, year by year, into some destiny of higher potential, you might say.

Chaos theory explains that in essence the math behind that isn’t so far fetched. It may not be as miraculous as it sounds… that there seems to be some destiny for patterns to emerge despite the infinitely complex possible outcomes of any random system. Thanks to feedback loops.