Amasnoogle Agent Arm-wear.

Amasnoogle Agent Arm-wear.

Oh, you know it’s coming… Just like every story of vertical integration in business history… we’re all going to be talking to AI sooner rather than later.

WTF man. How’s this supposed to go down exactly? Don’t stress, here’s the good news. Experts on the forefront of this technology are not as doomsday as you might think. Apparently our brains are SO far advanced than any computer out there, real AI is a ways off… Thanks God… (you’re welcome).

Our brains are miraculous, we don’t really give ourselves the kind of credit we deserve today. Why? Because we can’t add, or can’t multiply insane numbers like our computer can. Because we can’t even begin to understand how our cell-phones work. These things are SO smart… But, ironically, that’s actually not it. Computers can do things that we simply can’t, and automation is real. All over the globe the economy is changing due to technological advancements that reshape human industrialized jobs. That’s actually a good thing. While be it painful to loose a job, generally speaking, those people who have those jobs weren’t really happy to begin with usually. Sure, they liked the stability and supporting a family. But happiness, true happiness, for most people increases the more creative they are at work. And that’s where humans have millions of years of evolution on our side. CREATIVITY.

The jobs and economy of the future will be more creative and depend more on each of our unique talents. The mundane, mechanical jobs where people were asleep anyway, will be replaced by automation and AI.