Lysergic acid diethylamide

WARNING: this is dangerous stuff.

Split Pill MDD SILL.png

LSD is the kind of thing that you hear about when you’re younger and you wonder, did you miss all the fun? Back in the ‘60s people just seemed to be having a blast. I often feel like I’ve missed the best part of history. I mean, it would be great to live in the roaring 20’s in America, see the Beatles live… even do some disco during the height of that nonsense. And interestingly these drugs seems to make resurgences in our culture. The cocaine fad of the 80’s, that seemed to come back… strangely. It’s such a negative bad drug. No bueno. Nothing good ever comes from that substance in my experience. But LSD is it’s own thing. It’s like the kind of drugs. The pinnacle. The greatest mystery and with that comes the most curiosity for some. What do you do? How do you even get you hands on the stuff if you wanted to try it? It’s highly controlled, and that’s a good thing. Because that shit is dangerous.

LSD is, on the other hand, what it is, because it seems to break through to this other dimension. You become aware of energy on a level that was never available before you tried it. You’re so sensitive to people’s energy it’s actually pretty freaky. It’s a psychological drug more than any other. Like a fun house, or a nightmare. And that for that reason, it’s to be respected and handled very carefully. Do it with the wrong people and you’ll be sorry. Do with the right people on the other hand and you could have the time of your life. Just don’t do too much. That’s again - a really really dangerous idea.

Many famous people in our history have attributed major breakthrough to the perspective that they’ve gained using this crazy man-made substance. Where would we be without it’s mind-altering abilities. Break on through to the other side. If you’re on a mission to find the meaning of life, this is a drug that’s going to show you something. I don’t know what exactly because it treats everyone differently, but it’s going to show… you… something. Good luck. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. And remember, it’s not all fun and games out there with this guy. Extreme caution is of the essence.

Escher Toby Trip MDD STILL.png